START FROM 13/6/2010


♥ last few days of holiday

ah hhmmm~~

finally raya holiday was finished!

in the last few days of holiday

i had  a lot of activities with family

i knew that i had been outdated,because now only i went to I CITY ,SHAN ALAM

=.= LOL

and a bad news i wan to tell is

my dear gonna move to his new house in next sunday!T.T

oh no......i cant accept the truth!!!
  MY dear's house stay beside my house only

but now,he gonna move to AMPANG POINT!><

actually really not so far only but .....haizzz

u know?hard to explain my feeling....

normally walk can reach but after he moves 

i nid transport when i want to see him

lucky!dear will get his driving license after 1 month neither 2 month!

ok,stop talking about this topic.

now i gonna write about the trips with family in holiday.

FIRST,we go sing k again in NEWAY CEO ..

LOL,sing k again,but i love it!

the 1st day of september!

eh???where my dad?

haha,we left dad one ppl at house!

because he nid hardworking for our house renovation

juz a small renovation

so......he was painting in house one ppl , lonely~~

buffet time!i take the food as much as i can but

my mum scold me 99= =

i keep taking the food and she keep ''ngam'' me

she said i sure cant finish the food

fine,finally i really cant finish all the food

lucky we got eddie!a waiter in ceo

every time we go ceo sing k he sure help us take away the buffet food that we cant finish!

haha,so good he is!

i see another gang sing k in CEO too!
here they are!

after sing k,my mum bought some clothes from MIRACLE and call dad to bring us bac

b4 bac home,my dad fetch us to had our dinner at ''wei shi gai'' in pudu

i really miss the food-----''xiu taofu'' at there

delicious!but i forgot to take picha!

11:30pm,home sweet home=)

the only picha in tat day

although it's not really nice  =X

third of september


the only thing i can do is take picha =.=

 my mum is posing a model pose!haha

 my dad!cute right?

haha,u can skip this if u dislike!=)

having dinner at KFC inside i city

really really suck service!

I CITY was big!8pm arrive there 1230pm sumthing juz finish all the walk!

tired and sleep in car while going bac..

1.30++,home sweet home=)

and...last day of holiday,fourth of september

dear off duty and go for his undang

so special he is,everybody have their undang lesson at hulu langat

but he went to sungai buluh=.=

after that,he come bac at 5 sumthing and his mum fetch us to his new house in ampang point

actually he called me to help him ''zap'' his room

stay at there till 8pm and go out for dinner

finished,home sweet home.